Frequently Asked Questions

You make bath and skin care favours. Are these for men only?

We create wedding favours for all.

We can create bath and skin care favours to meet the needs of all your guests.

We can create separate favours for men and women or alternatively create a neutral bath or skin care favour for all guests.

The choice is yours.


Will the design process take up a lot of my time?

Our mission is to create bespoke wedding favours and to make your wedding feel luxurious.

To ensure that the bespoke wedding favours we create match your taste and wedding theme we need to work with you or your wedding planner during the creative process. Therefore your input and time is required.

We encourage you to be as involved as possible as the process if hugely rewarding, fun and exciting.

However, if you are limited on time then please inform us at the start of the process and we will assist.


What type of clients do you work with?

We work with brides, grooms, wedding planners and other event organisers to create bespoke wedding favours/gifts for their special occasion.

Our clients all share the desire to present a luxurious bespoke gift to their wedding guests.

What is your turn around time?

The length of the creation process depends on the complexity of the request and our availability.

In general we advise that you contact us at least 2 months prior to your special event.

I have the gift but just need bespoke personalised packaging?
No problem. We offer a bespoke packaging only service.
How much do you charge?

We offer a highly bespoke service and therefore we offer an estimate following the initial phone consultation.

Are your services available outside London?

We service all UK based clients.

We also work with other Europe clients depending on the nature of the request.

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